I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!!
Please, can someone help me…

A powerful 10-second fall-prevention ritual shared by one Harvard Evolutionary Biologist that instantly makes your body fall-proof within minutes…

A ritual so powerful, yet so easy, it’ll quickly erase your fear of falling as you notice the strength in your feet, legs and balance increase with each passing day.

And the stability in your lower half becomes so strong, it’ll feel like you’re walking on solid ground for the first time in years. Yet not only that, you’ll be going up and down stairs and walking effortlessly again like you were decades younger.

You see, despite what you might’ve been led to believe, the real cause of trips and falls has nothing to do with getting older or slowing down.

Instead, it all comes down to one thing…

A sleeping nerve in your foot that's responsible for over 97% of trips and falls in those over 60...

And according to the likes of Harvard and Cambridge University, this same under the radar problem in your foot that’s responsible for 28,000 deaths from falls each year in older men and women, will double your chance of taking a nasty spill that requires invasive surgery and months of rehab after a certain age…

image of a right foot

But don’t worry friend...

Because the beauty surrounding this simple, yet life-saving 10-second ritual is that it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re overweight, bed ridden, have arthritis, or you're on a laundry list of prescription medications.

This 10-second ritual will revive the dead nerve in your foot to automatically spring into action and contract the muscles in your leg to catch you.

And while you’re standing or walking, you’ll ensure the strength and stability in your lower half feels like you’re 20 all over again. So you can walk easily again and without worry.

boots walking on snow

So just imagine the confidence you’ll regain in yourself to walk around the house, and go about your day without the fear of falling, tripping or tumbling down a flight of stairs?

To never have to worry about falling if you’re alone in your home or outside and end up in the hospital?

Or just imagine enjoying the special gift that is your independence for years to come all because you’ve brought this one fall-prevention nerve back to life that blocks you from crashing to the floor…

Yet not only that, with each step you do take, this important nerve will make the smallest, minute, millisecond adjustments in the muscles of your lower leg to guarantee you NEVER slip no matter what shoes you’re wearing, or what terrain you’re walking on. Exactly like your body’s own form of traction control.

And it's so easy to turn on with just the flip of a switch...

This simple 10-second ritual that could very well save your life has absolutely nothing at all to do with:

  • Seeing a doctor
  • A physical therapist
  • Visiting a Chiropractor
  • Being in the gym
  • Using special orthotics
  • Or buying a certain cane

In fact, this sweat-free ritual can be done in the comfort of your own home while watching TV.

It’s that surprisingly simple and effortless…

couple watching TV

It’s why the medical professionals who rely on the pain and suffering of those 2.8 million souls who fall every year and need surgery then physical therapy, would love for this to come down because it takes away from money going into their pockets.

Just last year, the physical therapy industry made $43.5 billion dollars. And where there is money, there is power and a special interest. And these individuals are much more powerful than me.

So they would love to take this down. Yet despite this risk, I refuse to let them stop us from sharing this life-changing news with you here in this special presentation.

Because this completely safe and 100% natural shortcut to fall-proof your body has now turned around over 112,928 other men and women’s lives in as little as 14 days…

While removing the lid of fear and anxiety that’s dampened their vitality and zest for life. It’s why I feel the need to share this with you today because it would be a crime to keep this secret locked up and hidden from prying eyes.

That’s why in the next 4 minutes, I’ll show you why your fear of falling is 100% justified and that it’s not just in your head.

So let me quickly tell you who I am because time is ticking and I’d like to share all of this with you
right away…

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson
Certified Balance Specialist

Hi, I’m Chris Wilson. And out of the hundreds of balance clients I’ve worked with over the years, and thousands I’ve helped virtually, MaryAnne’s story is the one that sticks out in my mind the most.

Not only because what happened to her could happen to anyone who is prone to falling, yet because she was the toughest case I ever came across.

But out of her near tragic accident, led to an amazing discovery that I can’t wait to share with you here. Now, I want you to know I’m not a doctor or a TV expert. I’m just a happily married man of 15 years with 2 beautiful kids and a resident of the Sunshine state.

And I’ve personally seen the consequences that falling could have on you and those that love you. Even a simple little fall can have a ripple effect that tears up your life for years as you go in and out of rehab and sometimes forced to make drastic life changes… like giving up your home and having to be placed in a Nursing facility. And that’s not even counting the cost of everything, the physical pain, depression, medication and loss…

Like it did to our family growing up…

Which pushed me into the field of helping those over 50 live a healthier, more active and energetic life. And why the art of balance has become my passion. As a certified Balance Specialist, I’ve seen it all and heard it all before.

But not until I stumbled upon this simple 10-second ritual you could do in the comfort of your own home that I discovered across the Atlantic Ocean in the unlikeliest of places, did I have any idea how much easier it could be to essentially get back what you had in your teens, 20’s and 30’s.

When you were more agile and quicker on your feet and way less likely to experience a tragic trip and fall. In fact, the more prone you are to falling, even if your fear of falling is cranked up 1000 decibels, the quicker this simple trick will work for you.

And if you have fallen in the past already, then you’ll really love how much stronger and stable you’ll feel on your feet no matter your age or situation starting with this 10-second ritual.

woman lying on the floor

Because you see, although MaryAnne was extremely active and had been to over 25 countries with her husband, as she got up in age, her body slowed, which is completely normal.

However, soon, this gradual slow down became front and center one night when she got up from the dinner table and accidentally tripped on the front of her foot and fell.

At the time, everyone chalked it up to an accident. Many people trip and fall everyday of all ages. However, soon, this one trip and fall turned into another, then another.

One day, falling down the steps of her basement while being stuck on the cold, dirty floor for 2 hours until her husband came home.

countryside house

But when her husband passed away not too long after, that’s when she made a risky move that much of her family was against… And decided to spend months alone at the country house they built in Connecticut. And where they fell in love so many years ago.

Now because of her recent accidents, everyone made sure her home was as fall-proof as possible. For example, every path in her house was cleared.

If the surface was slippery like her hardwood floors, they installed special rubber matting. They also added rails in certain parts to help her feel more stable.

Especially in her bathroom and shower tub. Plus, bought her one of those stability balls so she could do exercises to strengthen her balance...

But still, even with all these safeguards in place that helped her feel safe on the outside, she still was deathly afraid to fall on the inside.

Especially now that she was a widow. It's why her family made sure to check on her all the time. And why they could never imagine what happened on that night, did.

So if you or someone you know can relate to any of this, believe me, you’re not alone and whatever you’re feeling and has happened already, is not your fault.

What you might be going through is completely normal and justified. Being scared of falling is okay. And if you’ve fallen already, hey - I get it. Even with all the special tools you can set up around the house, and even if you follow most “balance training programs,” still it’s so hard to return back to the freedom of movement, confidence and independence you remember not too long ago.

However, that’s why I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like this for you anymore… And why I’m so excited to share this 10-second fall-prevention ritual with you here in this page.

More on that in a minute…

an ATV

Thank God that MaryAnne was found by her neighbor who was returning home late from a hunt that night only because his ATV broke down miles in the woods...

However once at the hospital, the doctors explained if she was out there another 2-3 hours, her body would have succumbed to hypothermia.

Besides, the fact that her body temperature was dangerously low from being exposed for so long, she had fractured 3 small bones in her ankle while searching for river stones in the dried up creek bed that ran through her property.

It’s why after this incident, her daughter decided enough was enough and contacted me at the Punta Gorda Club where I worked and MaryAnne belonged in Florida.

She actually had found me online in one of my videos about balance. Plus, with my background and over 11,000 hours helping men and women just like her return back to their lives again, I was confident I could stop her from falling and remove the fear she felt everyday.

But how, I wasn’t sure yet because deep down, I felt I needed to look at this problem from a totally different angle.

Her fear was so suffocating, she told me the only place she felt safe was in her bed at night.

woman sitting on a bed, tired

Yet despite this, she refused to be a slave to this fear with every step she took. And although she was grieving the death of her husband, she didn’t want to be that old, lonely widow who held guard rails in her hallway just to walk to the kitchen and make tea.

To her that was a reminder time was ticking and she would gradually lose her independence which she hated to think about.

broken ankle

It’s also why she did her balance exercises every day to slow down this progression.

But now with her broken ankle, I knew we had an uphill battle because the statistics weren’t on her side. Her life was literally, hanging in the balance as you’ll soon notice right now...

Because you see, after working with hundreds of balance clients in-person, along with peering through all the research and stats, I knew once someone over 60 took a nasty spill that resulted in injuries, surgery and hospital visits, your chances of not making it out of the medical system plummet.

You’re not alone and it’s not your fault
that you feel this way.

man going down a stairs

But don’t worry my friend because you do have hope. So please keep watching because I’d love to share with you 3 very common mistakes and lies you’re most likely making or believing that increase your chances of tripping and falling without realizing it.

Plus the simple, yet very powerful 10-second fall-prevention ritual I now have all my clients do in the morning… including MaryAnne that's returned her ability to walk with confidence and strength without being suffocated by a hundred pounds of fear with every step around the house or outside.

that could actually increase your chances of falling by over 96%


The first big mistake I’ve seen over the years is the over use of balance exercises, stability balls and bosu balls.

women exercising with stability balls

You see, these exercises and devices are great for those who are in phenomenal shape. But if you’ve lost the mobility, strength and balance in your lower half, along with your confidence, these exercises and devices can actually INCREASE your chances of falling.

You see, without the proper progression, these devices and programs train your balance to become worse by first, making the ligaments and tendons in your ankles looser.

And over time as you can see here, trick your lower half to anticipate a LACK of stability. Especially in your feet. Making it easier for you to roll an ankle or trip over yourself.

Plus, they fail to train the #1 most important nerve in your foot that’s responsible for firing the muscles that help you walk confidently while protecting you from crashing to the floor.


The second biggest mistake that’s severely affecting your balance and stability without realizing it...

And that’s the shoes on your feet…

a shoe being laced

You see, your feet have thousands of little nerves to sense the ground you’re walking on. However, by wearing shoes our entire lives, these nerves have lost touch with the ground. They’ve dulled and become slow to respond. So when you do accidentally trip, it’s harder for them to fire the muscles in your feet and lower leg to catch you.

Especially this #1 most important nerve in your foot that’s like traction control for your body. Sensing every subtle change in the ground while making the adjustments that prevent you from slipping and falling without thinking about it.

Now, you could start walking around barefoot to roll back this progression, but that’s not practical and could be dangerous.

I’ll show you why in just a minute...


The biggest balance lie millions believe is that older men and women have a higher chance of falling all because of their age.

Woman lying on the ground holding a cane

Luckily for you, this belief is 100% false. I’ve seen it firsthand with clients all the way up in their 90’s who regain their quick footedness, balance, strength and stability like they were decades younger.

You see, getting older doesn’t guarantee that you’re more prone to falling. It’s just a myth because if that were the case, millions more would fall every year and unfortunately pass away from these injuries.

When really, it all comes down to this one nerve that’s been turned off from decades of lost touch with the ground.

Men wearing tribal clothing

And this isn’t just hearsay you see...

It was during a recent trip to Switzerland to attend a world renowned conference on balance that I discovered the missing link to a fall proof life. All thanks to one evolutionary biologist from Harvard University who presented his findings from a recent study done in Kenya, where they studied the older men and women of tribes who’ve walked barefoot their entire life.

They wanted to compare their feet and nerve perception with the ground and how they walked versus us over here who primarily wear shoes since the day we’re born.

This professor and his team believed these men and women in Kenya would have LESS perception with the ground from their thickened soles and therefore, would walk differently and often have a higher incidence of falls with age.

However, what they found was despite their feet being 50% more callused, the perception their feet had with the ground was 3x stronger than us here.

He also found they had almost zero incidence of trips and falls especially as they got up in age. It’s a big reason why you see men in their 60’s, 70’s, even their 80’s still hunting with the younger men of the tribe… While the older women would routinely walk through the rocky terrain to harvest their crops and gather water no matter their age.

bare foot

All completely barefoot and void of dangerous trips and falls.

I was shocked and knew this information could be used to help my balance clients back home. But I needed to know one more thing…

Because just walking barefoot after decades of being in shoes wasn’t practical and could increase your chances of falling because your feet wouldn’t be used to this change. Plus, it can be tough on your feet to walk everywhere barefoot. And in public, it’s not always allowed.

Well, luckily that night at the hotel bar, I got my chance because there he was enjoying a drink by himself. So I went up and introduced myself. I told him how much I loved his presentation, and that I had just one question for him. I said Dr James, obviously what you said could help so many… But how? Because walking around barefoot for these men and women over the age of 60 wasn’t practical.

So was there anything I could do to help my clients get their life back and rebuild their stability, strength yet more importantly their confidence to walk without being consumed by fear.

He said, “Yes Chris! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to that part in my speech. They cut my time in half… But yes, your clients can enjoy the same fall-proof benefits those in my study had in Kenya without walking around barefoot 24 hours of the day for years.

Chris, there’s an inner nerve in your foot called the Deep Peroneal Nerve that’s responsible for firing all the little muscles in your foot, ankle, and lower leg that basically catch you from falling.

the deep peroneal nerve

While helping you remain upright and stable with each step you take. In those we performed this study on, we found this nerve in their foot was turned on 24/7.

However, in most of the population after the age of 60 back in the states, this nerve usually begins to fail for most. Which explains the skyrocketing increase in trips, falls and hospital visits.

Did you know how many lives could be saved each year if people just woke this deep nerve from its slumber? Thousands Chris.

foot exercising with a ball

Let alone all the money saved for physical therapy and surgery. And it’s so easy to do. He pulled up a picture on his phone and said, all it takes is 10 seconds with this special little rubber ball made with hardened particles designed to shock this nerve back to life.

And by “shock,” I don't mean an electrical shock... All you have to do is sit down in a comfy chair, and roll this special little ball on your foot for at least 10 seconds in a specific motion to stimulate this sleeping nerve out of it’s coma. It’s actually quite relaxing and therapeutic.”

That’s it? I said.

“Yep. That’s it Chris. Time for me to get some sleep. I have an early flight tomorrow. But I hope that helps and thanks for attending my presentation.”

We parted ways and immediately I went up to my room to begin hammering out a plan MaryAnne could follow that wouldn’t put any stress on her fractured ankle while giving her the chance to become more stable, resilient and nimble on her feet as she walked.

Every year, 2.8 million fall. Every year, 800,000 of these men and women end up in the hospital from these falls. And every year, 28,000 die from them.

But with this simple protocol now, and all the amazing success stories that have reclaimed their life and confidence, I believe this number can be cut in half and eventually, down close to zero.

This has become my life’s mission and why I’d love to introduce to you Neuro-Balance Therapy.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD cover

The complete balance-strengthening protocol DVD series to help prevent and prepare your body for out of the blue trips and falls.

Each step you take will feel strong and confident, especially when going up and down stairs.

man going down a stairs

5 starsWith Neuro-Balance Therapy, the fear is gone
Jennifer from Ohio
“The last 6 months have been brutal. I took a nasty fall one day walking down the stairs to grab laundry and I’ve been scared stiff ever since. Literally. My fear took over and I stopped being social and I stopped all my favorite hobbies too. But now with Neuro-Balance Therapy, that fear is gone. I can’t believe it was even there in the first place. I’m back to walking up and down stairs with a breeze and back to enjoying life again. Thank you so much Chris.”

5 stars I no longer feel shaky or unstable
Steve from New Mexico
“I'm 81 and have fallen twice in the past year. My kids have pleaded with me to move in with them for my own safety but I refuse to give up my independence, I don't want anyone watching every move and step I take… But luckily, that’s when I found this video and your program. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but now they can’t argue with my results. I no longer feel shaky or unstable when I get up and walk. Even if I’ve been sitting in my recliner for hours watching TV. Thank you for this freedom Chris.”

And now it’s your turn to experience the same.

However, let me share with you what to expect inside the program.

Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD

The Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD

First, everything will be shipped to you via DVD so you can pop it into your DVD player, computer, or laptop and get started right away.

Inside each video, I’ll be taking you through a specific sequence of movements that activates this deep peroneal nerve in your foot while you build stability, mobility and quick footedness in your lower half to prevent any trips and falls.

No matter what your current level is, you can get started right away with the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced sequence.

Images from the Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD Images from the Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD Images from the Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD

Plus, you’ll be getting your own personal spike ball with your DVD.

A spike ball

Made with nerve-wakeup technology, each ball has a specific number of spikes that gently release tension while stimulating this 1 important nerve.

I had to search high and low for this nerve wakeup ball until I finally decided to make my own. Nothing else on the market had the quality and touch I was looking for. You see, you can’t just use any ole’ rubber ball. No.

These nerve wakeup balls are made with crystalized particles for durability and a relaxing, yet hardened touch designed to revive this dead nerve in your foot.

And once working again, will react in a snap to catch you from falling as your gait gradually becomes more strong and stable with each step you take.

  • Just imagine how it’s going to feel to reclaim your life with every step you now take?
  • Just imagine what that's going to do for your mood and happiness?
  • To no longer hold yourself back from doing your favorite activities.
  • To no longer be scared moving around in your home. Or extremely hesitant everytime you need to walk.
  • The fear that’s slowed you down, will be gone from your life for good.

With Neuro-Balance Therapy, you’ll feel stable enough to chase after the grandkids again. To walk without help while enjoying plenty of extra youthful energy and stamina.

Family walking together

Because now, you’ll wake up and go about your day without worrying about slips, trips and falls… No - those days will be over for you.

As your mind is put at ease knowing your independence and ability to take care of yourself will be preserved for years to come.

This is something you can’t put a price on. Because no price is too high for this amount of comfort and satisfaction.

But how much would you pay for this freedom again? $1000? $5000? Maybe $10,000 or more…

Regardless, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this life-saving protocol.

With Neuro-Balance Therapy, you’ll be getting the entire program that MaryAnne used, along with over 112,000 others over the past 4-months, which has created a tsunami-flood of success stories that can’t be stopped even if the physical therapy and orthopedic industry wanted to.

So with Neuro-Balance Therapy today, you’ll be getting the entire DVD series valued at $197. And the perfectly precise nerve wakeup ball, which retails for $29…

Bringing your cost to a one-time payment of $226.

Now, that’s what we charged for everything in the beginning.

However, because you landed on this page today, I have something special for you. So don’t go anywhere.

First, I want to include these results-accelerating bonuses to further fall-proof your life and surroundings for good.

Free bonus #1

The Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home

Cover of The Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home

A $97 value. However, it’s yours free today with your purchase of the Neuro-Balance Therapy program.

The home is where most deadly trips and falls occur. That’s why I’ve decided to create this top 20 checklist to guarantee your home is safe and secure.

Inside, you’ll discover some very unconventional, yet foolproof techniques that enhance your safety and security whether you live with someone or by yourself.

A lot of clients love this checklist because it’s helped them really get a grip on what they can do so they’re no longer living in fear with every step they take.

This is a $97 value. Yet yours today when you say YES to Neuro-Balance Therapy.

Free bonus #2

The Downloadable Version of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program

The Neuro-Balance Therapy, digital version The Neuro-Balance Therapy, digital version The Neuro-Balance Therapy, digital version

You see, because shipping times can vary depending where you live, I wanted you to have instant access to the entire program so you can get started right away without having to wait.

That means you’ll receive the entire follow along coaching video series, showing you from soup to nuts what to do each day to achieve rock-solid balance.

Plus you’ll get a digital copy of the Neuro-Balance Therapy manual with more detail about the peroneal nerve and the mind-body connection as well as exercise pictures and descriptions.

Whether you prefer video demonstrations or getting your information from the downloadable manual, you’ll have what you need to get started right away after you order.

Both of these bonuses are valued at $97 each.
But they’re yours free today.

In total, the entire DVD program, nerve wakeup ball, plus these special bonuses have a real-world value of $420 if you were to purchase each separately.

A woman walking with her bare feet in the water on the beach

However, because I’ve decided not to make any real profit upfront from the sale of this life-saving program, that means you get to benefit by not paying an arm and a leg like many did in the beginning. All that I ask is you pay a small fee to help keep this website and video running so more individuals can benefit from this life-saving program.

So you won’t have to pay the total of $226 like in the beginning. $197… Or even $177. For just a one-time payment of $97, you’ll have access to everything in just a few days from now.

BUT WAIT! I’m not done…

You see, because of the media popularity of Neuro-Balance Therapy, we’ve recently had to order a huge shipment of DVD’s, and perfectly precise nerve balls. Over 10,000 pieces each. So we need to make room in the warehouse.

That’s why for today, you won’t have to pay $97 either. To make room for this brand new shipment, you can get everything for close to 50% OFF.

So for just a one-time payment of $47, you’ll have access to the same program and protocol that restored MaryAnne’s confidence and ability to walk without fear.

However, I’m still not done.

Physical DVD with spike ball
Plus free instant access to the digital version
+Free bonuses

Get your physical copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy which includes the DVD and spike ball shipped directly to your home.

…Plus instantly download the digital version and bonuses absolutely free.

The physical DVD of Neuro-Balance Therapy, the spike ball, the downloadable digital version of Neuro-Balance Therapy and the bonuses
Your discounted price:
$97 $47
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You Save $50!

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Now, when you do order, I want you to know this is only a one-time payment. There are no recurring fees or hidden charges. I hate those as much as you do.

So once you fill out your information, just click the buy button and you’ll be all set. And you can expect everything to arrive at your doorstep within the next 3-10 business days depending on shipping times.

Let me say, I just can’t wait for you to get started and watch in amazement how quickly your life and confidence will soar.

Soon, you’ll be skipping around like a child all over again. Filled with joy and happiness because the fear of falling has left your life for good.

Woman walking on a beach

Just imagine the freedom you’ll experience and all the wonderful activities you could do again.

All of this is in your grasp when you say yes below and click the button to get started with your order. With Neuro-Balance Therapy, you’ll regain the effortless stability, strength and mobility in your legs and feet to keep you balanced, strong and resistant to falls like you were 20 all over again.

That’s why now's the time to take back what’s yours and walk away from the sadness, loneliness, depression and more that falling and this anxiety has brought into your life.

It could make you feel like a prisoner trapped in your own body inside your own home.

But now those days will be long behind you. You’ll no longer have to wake up and roll out of bed stiff on high alert with your first step, and every step thereafter.

Or live in a constant state of stress that skyrockets your blood pressure, and keeps you on edge.

No - I don’t want that for you anymore. And I don't think you want that either.

That’s why I’ve made everything easy as pie for you to get started with Neuro-Balance Therapy.

And for close to 50% off the normal retail price for today only, plus a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, you have everything you need to sleep easy at night while noticing more strength and stability in your feet and lower half with every step you take in the morning.

And with each step, you’ll be walking away from the fear that held you back from participating in this game called life for so many years.

Just imagine the look on the faces of those close to you when they see you freely moving about and effortless without a care in the world.

Because for the first time in a while, the fear of falling will no longer be front and center in your mind whenever standing on both feet.

You’ll not only feel it, but know you’re that much more balanced in your lower half. Opening up a world of activities for you to enjoy again… Dancing, hiking, walking… running, the list goes on.

That’s why this decision is so important for you to make because this page is about to come to an end and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity since you only have 2 options moving forward.

Option 1:

Now option 1 is to forget about everything you’ve discovered in this page and keep living out your days in fear. Scared to walk. Scared to leave the house maybe. Scared to walk up and down stairs… As you slowly lose your independence right before your eyes.

And along with that will come the depression, sadness, loneliness and more. Which can have disastrous effects on your health and mental well being as well.

Those who experience these symptoms along with a fear of falling, have higher mortality rates, higher incidences of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and more.

And then if you did fall, the data is plain as day. It’s not a happy ending. 40% of seniors who fall and break their hip, pass away on average 6 months later.

And many who do survive past this 6-month mark, never walk the same again.

Which usually means being placed in a nursing home for the rest of your life, or if you can afford it, a full-time home health aide.

But here’s the beautiful thing about all of this - it never has to happen because when you go with option 2, you’ll be taking care of a problem that doesn’t have to exist. There’s still time to regain the independence and mobility that’s been slipping through your fingertips.

Option 2:

With Neuro-Balance Therapy, you’ll get started right away and almost instantly, begin to feel more responsive and balanced with each step you take.

Couple walking in a forest

As the fear that used to hold you down and back, slowly loses its grip on your mental and physical wellness.

I just can’t wait for you to experience this freedom again without having to think twice where you’re going with each step you take.

With Neuro-Balance Therapy, you’ll have your life back again in just a few minutes per day in the comfort of your own home.

And with a 60-day money back guarantee, there’s zero risk.

To get started, just click or tap the button below and a new page will open to fill out all your details.

Physical DVD with spike ball
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Get your physical copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy which includes the DVD and spike ball shipped directly to your home.

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The physical DVD of Neuro-Balance Therapy, the spike ball, the downloadable digital version of Neuro-Balance Therapy and the bonuses
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Chris Wilson

I can’t wait to hear how much your life has changed after you purchase Neuro-Balance Therapy today.

So do that now and thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

Chris Wilson
Certified Balance Specialist

There Is No-one Better Than Chris

"Chris Wilson was my personal trainer for a number of years. I am a 75 year old male that still works out with 45 year old's, much due to Chris Wilson's inspiration and teachings over the years. In my opinion there is no one better than Chris Wilson and his guidance to help you stay strong, fit and safe with hopefully a very "Compressed Morbidity" time frame. What more could you ask for? Get his program!! "

Jim from Florida

Live a More Active Lifestyle

"As a man that's constantly on the move, Chris and I hit it off instantly. Our mutual passion for exercise made our years training together so much fun and worthwhile. Chris was sure to make our workouts challenging and enjoyable and he continued to find new ways to keep me on my toes and in top shape.

I think his new balance program is terrific. I couldn't agree more with the importance of balance, stability and daily fitness as the key factors to healthy longevity. I know that Neuro-Balance Therapy will help people live a more active lifestyle. Amazing job my friend!"

John H. from Florida

I Felt Grounded & Sure On My Feet

"For years Chris was my trainer at the Punta Gorda Club and our time together was a blessing. Balance exercises were always part of the workout as Chris used everything in the gym to challenge me and my legs. I always felt grounded and sure on my feet. He would have me standing on one leg and doing exercises I thought only young athletes did.

Chris made the workouts exciting and spent lots of time thinking about what I needed to stay strong and active. I plan to never stop moving and I know that his Neuro-Balance Therapy program will do that for anyone who gives it a try."

Shirley from Florida

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